358 Beauty Pageant Interview Questions

358 practice beauty pageant questions for free to ensure you do your best in the interview and on stage question. Topics range from 2017 current events, political, and environmental hard questions to common Miss and Teen interview questions. Below is a good sample from the list of 358 pageant questions.

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Current Events & Political Pageant Questions
1. What are your thoughts on the anti-LGBT legislation in North Carolina? Do you agree with all the corporations that are boycotting NC and moving their businesses elsewhere?
2. Do you favor a two-party political system? Why?
3. Do you think women are given the same opportunities as men in America?
4. If you became president what would be the first thing you would do in office?
5. Would you rather have a government that takes care of its citizens or one that lets its citizens fend for themselves?
6. What are your thoughts on homelessness in the United States and how would you help minimize the amount of people who are homeless?
7. Do you agree that people should have to undergo a background check to purchase a gun?
8. Do you support Planned Parenthood and the right for women to choose whether to have an abortion or not?
9. What other world leaders would you want to meet? Why?
10. How should the US handle illegal immigration? Regular immigration?
11. Tennessee recently tried to make the Bible the official book of the state. Do you agree with states who attempt to bring religion into government even though it goes against what the founding fathers wanted when forming the country (separation of church and state)?
12. What are your thoughts on the legalization of Marijuana?
13. Should the government be in charge of making sure all citizens have access to healthcare?
14. What problems do you see in your current city or state? How would you solve them?
15. Do you think our elected government officials should be held accountable for the bad decisions they make? How?
16. What are your thoughts on the growing number of corporations that are headquartered in America but outsource manufacturing to other countries?
17. Do you think it’s wrong for corporations that make billions of dollars in profits to receive numerous tax breaks?
18. How would you help motivate your peers to go out and vote?
19. Where do you see areas of improvement in our country as a whole?
20. Do you think the government should do more to help slow down climate change?

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Miss & Teen Pageant Interview Questions
21. Why do you want to compete in a beauty pageant?
22. Do beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women?
23. How many pageants have you competed in?
24. Does anyone else in your family compete or have competed in pageants?
25. Why should you be selected as our titleholder?
26. Have you participated in any volunteer work in your community?
27. Do you know who our current titleholder is? What do you like about her?
28. What makes you stand out from the other girls competing in this pageant?
29. Do you know any of the other girls competing in the pageant?
30. How did you find out about this pageant?
31. If you win this pageant how will you use your title to benefit others?
32. What are some of your favorite charities?
33. Who is your favorite Miss Universe? Miss USA? Miss America?
34. If you don’t end up winning this pageant who would you like to see win?
35. What are your views on girls that get plastic surgery to do a pageant?
36. Do you think a titleholder should be single or in a relationship?
37. What do you expect to learn from this pageant?
38. How does your dad feel about the swimsuit part of the competition?
39. If you were to win this pageant, how would you handle all the attention that you will receive?
40. Do you think it’s appropriate for a pageant titleholder to have an online dating profile?
41. In your opinion, what is the most important part of the competition?
42. What message would you give to the world about beauty pageants and the girls who compete in them?
43. Do you think the more money you spend on a pageant the better chance you have on winning it?
44. Do you think it’s necessary to hire a pageant coach if you’re serious about winning a pageant?
45. What qualities do you feel a titleholder should possess?
46. Do you think the swimsuit round is derogatory?
47. Why did you choose your platform for this pageant?
48. Do you normally agree with pageant judges?
49. Do you think you will be judged fairly?


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